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  1. Good Morning Sir,
    My name is Rachael McCleery and I’m a college student in New York. This morning, my friend and I visited a coffee shop in Peekskill to study, and while we were enjoying our steaming cups of coffee, we began to debate the meaning behind your painting. Immediately when I saw it, the colors and style drew me in. I couldn’t look away. I was wondering if you would be able to share with us your painting’s story? Thank you for your time and have a great rest of your morning!

  2. Hi Rachel
    Thanks for giving that work a moment of your time. I cut and painted that some 25 years ago while living in Green Point Brooklyn. I had it in a bar on lower east side for a bit then at a show i had in Brooklyn Brewery. The owner of the Coffee House owns it, and I’m glad it found a home.
    Looking at it now, I see laughter and defiant exuberance in the face of mortality. The fool drinkers are connected in social setting only, yet seem alone in their physical experience. I am showing paintings on Nov. 12th 3 to 6 pm 3rd floor above Coffee House.

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